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New Unlimited Car Wash Members Can Receive One Free NYS Inspection

Starting tomorrow 2/18/22

In honor of us getting our license to perform routine inspections, we are now offering our beloved car wash customers, the chance of receiving their NYS yearly inspection for FREE! Performed at our new sister location Formula One Autosport!

All you have to do is stop by Prestige Car Wash and sign up to one of our unlimited car wash memberships!

You must sign up starting 2/18 and still be a member at the time of your inspection.

When the time comes for your inspection, we’ll already will have you in our system so you would have to just give your name!

So, you’ll be getting an amazing car wash service that pays for itself, along with ONE free NYS yearly inspection!

Check out our Unlimited Wash Club page right here on our website or call us at (845) 765-8300 for more information or questions!

Check out to see what we’ll be doing in our shop!

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